Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer

The Pact

Fantastic Thriller

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Lee was abandoned in the Logan region, Vietnam. His tiny and fragile body was found in a bamboo cradle crying out loud on top of a paddy field mound. A catholic orphan mission took him under its wing and fostered him until his seventh anniversary.


We have little knowledge of the incident that occurred at the Geneva mansion of his adoptive parents. The wealthy Deberg couple was found dead in the basement, burned like charcoal by the explosion of the furnace. Lee, named John by his now deceased parents, and his sister Lisa were left with a staggering fortune of 350 million dollars. As the lawyer of the family, they asked me to manage their newly established foundation for a decarbonate world.


They succeeded in building up a growing follower base, mostly teens and young adults. I was paid handsomely for managing the foundation, but also to keep my mouth shut.


While this duo of young entrepreneurs were the new darlings of the climate change media frenzy scene, things looked less rosy in the backstage. John asked for total obedience from his adepts. I really started to feel something was off when he enjoined me to give him a monthly blood sample..

I must admit that John could galvanize crowds like nobody else. The public was transfixed by his young age and his ability to convey fears and hopes in the same harangue. As for myself, I could only see a sick boy morphing into some kind of sociopathe.


In the end, Lisa noticed my reluctance to attend the numerous meetings and lectures. She reported to her sibling, who advised me to make up my mind about being in or out of this gigantic hoax. I resigned.


This morning I have decided to sip a margarita on La palissa hotel’s private beach in Cancun. My emails are staring at me on my Ipad. I have noticed one from Lee and that has sent a shiver down my spine.

Now I must read it. Actually I could dismiss it as a pesky reminder of my previous professional activity that I am eager to disregard. But I can’t control this invisible force that makes me click on it.

“Dear Larry,

Lisa and I genuinely hope that you enjoy your spare time under the
comforting sun of Cancun‚Ķ”

I gasp. How on earth did they manage to track me down here ?

“‚Ķ As for our little business, we are proud to announce our 666th
fully devoted member‚Ķ What an achievement !”


I grasp my cocktail and gulp it down. That’s not how it should be
drained but my mouth is as dry as an outdoor parking lot in Las
Vegas at noon.

“‚Ķ Lisa is already in Sydney for the kickoff of our world tour. I have
no doubt that we will convince our world leaders to join our crusade
against Armageddon. I have noticed that none of them can sustain
my stare too long ))

Best of luck
Lee John”


I let my Ipad fall onto the sand. I don’t feel well all of a sudden. My pulse is beating increasingly fast and beads of sweat start to roll down my temples. Is it the cocktail side effect ?

Have I been drugged ?

My vision blurs and I barely overhear the screams around me while I crawl on all fours and drool on the sand. I must get up… I must catch those two little fuckers before thay steamroll their apocalyptic agenda.

Lee John…


Your future was written in capital letters before our blind eyes.

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