Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer



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In China, over 50 newly built cities have emerged in remote parts of the country. But those real estate bubbles are no more than empty hulking towers sweeped by sand storms and pollution clouds.


Lee Wan and his son Ming are the last tenants of the Nanhui estate complex. Lee, deep in debt after the purchase of his 70 sqm flat, refuses to leave his investment. His wife dumped him for another man a month after his acquisition, but Lee also dismissed this new reality by constantly reminding his son that his mom will join them anytime soon.


Weeks after months, the utter bogosity of the situation let Lee explain to his son that the vacant flats are the result of an ongoing epidemic. Toxic clouds from close by extraction factories make his lie all the more plausible. Their own flat has become a miniature bunker. Outside, Lee asserts that the Shadows remain a threat. Who are they ? Scavengers like them, as Lee cautions his son ? Or are they just cleaning staff for the last remains of civilization as the gardens?


Ming is far from stupid. His questions are becoming more and more insistent. For how long, his psychonaut dad can concoct his own dystopia ?