Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer

The Fixer

Who is The Fixer ?

Axel Homes has no past. He himself does not seem to be able to remember anything beyond a few years… The X-17 agency of the American State Department, which employed him, has deliberately destroyed all traces of his career within this clandestine office.
His comments on the state of mind of the Ukrainian army in 2014, ‘crazy people who are given weapons’, do not seem to have pleased his superiors… 


But his shamanic trances are probably the real culprits of this memory loss. The discovery of a cave in a canyon of Arizona serving as a den for an old Comanche chief changed his life. El Capo made him discover the almost supernatural powers of his shamanic drinks.
These trances allow Axel to benefit from visions mixing reality and possibilities… 


Absorbing the black bitter potion often knocks Axel out and disrupts his neural system.
If he benefits from a certain advantage in his investigations, his health suffers greatly. 


The American, Russian and Chinese special services dream of getting their hands on this unknown mixture of plants.
Until now, Axel has managed to cover his tracks. But the noose is tightening. 

Favorite alcohol: Fuji blend Whiskey 
Favorite cigar : Cohiba Siglo 3
Airline : Platinium member AF / KLM / Qantas 

Axel Homes immerse himself into shamanic trances that can last over 48 hours for the sake of its investigation. Those trances are virtual doors to clues and visions that took place in the past or will materialize in the near future… Those dazes take its toll on him but as he usually says ‘It hurts so good’…

Axel Holmes is on the trail of a young Afrikaner girl in a South Africa in the grip of social and economic chaos. While racial tensions have not disappeared, he discovers that the last gold and diamond reserves are exacerbating all the violence.

Kiev, Lysenka St, Axel bumps into some Staviska romantics

Axel Holmes is assigned an incongruous mission in a country he knows only too well. He would never have set foot in Ukraine again if this request had not come from his dressmaker…

A new lab, a new virus…

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