Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer

The Fixer Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine.

Axel Holmes gets his suits tailored in an inconspicuous boutique in lower Manhattan. The old tailor is an Ukrainian refugee who fled his country 40 years ago. While Axel browses the line up of jackets, the old man drops hints about his daughter and granddaughter’s disappearance. 


Unwilling to ask directly for help, the shy slavic tailor acknowledges that a small rock annoys him while he walks… Axel must put aside his own past experience in Ukraine in order to agree to help his old friend. 


In Kiev, Axel finds out that Nataliya and her daughter Natalka have fled to the east from her ex-boyfriend, the leader of a fascist group called The white wolves.


On their trail, Axel passes through the infamous city of Tchernobyl. He finds out fortuitously that the CIA runs a secret lab in the city underground and experiments new viruses with gain of function… 


The lab is managed by Leckard, an old friend of Axel, who complains about a mystery ghost in the city park. He pretends that his colleagues are disturbed by a childish voice singing in the city playground. Axel is intrigued and investigates the park until he notices the presence of a young delicate blond girl with a striking resemblance to the photo of Natalka…