Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer

The Switch

Genre : Serie / Fantastic / SF

Producer : Punchtale Inc.

Plot :

As a special forces squad explored a rugged mountain, they stumbled upon a mysterious switch embedded in the rock. The leader of the group, Dallas, pressed it and suddenly discovered that all of humanity had undergone a body swap. Luckily, the safe zone surrounding the switch had shielded them from this supernatural outcome. 

Dallas quickly saw the potential of this device and wasted no time in issuing commands to global leaders. If they didn’t comply with his demands, he threatened to activate the switch every 6 hours. Meanwhile, Nicholas, a NASA physicist, realizes the gravity of the situation and takes matters into his own hands to stop the chaos. However, as he too is affected by the body swap, his attempts become increasingly difficult as he goes from being an adult scientist to a teenage miner in South Africa or a member of a violent cartel in San Juez. It’s a living nightmare for him and everyone else involved.

Status : In Developement

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