Graphic novels by Nicholas Romer

Tragic Replay

Science fiction / Fantastic

It’s up to you to start the animations while reading

Corean company Antaya is currently riding high on the disaster entertainment business segment. While being tailed by online juggernauts like Amazon Leisure it still leads the pack with its over realistic attractions. Prices start at 5000$ for a full immersive experience in the Hindenburg zeppelin or the Soviet doomed submarine The Kourks.


Through high-end technology that mixes full scale recreation of the most iconic planes and ships and AI, Antaya puts you into that defining moment where life and death interweave dangerously. A full medical check up is still on as well as the under 16 years old entry ban. For those who might consider following the less unnerving path of being a passive witness of the disaster, the upcoming Rio Paris plane crash may serve them right.

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