Pretoria Storm

Pretoria, South Africa.

The fixer lands in Pretoria, South Africa, looking for a twenty something Afrikaner Lucia. There, he experiences another two-days exhausting chamanic transe. Waking up soaked and shook up, he can only recall figments of his visions.


His contact who goes by the name of Patty is a glamazon militant who diss him and his quest for a young white Afrikaner. Lucia is missing since the last assault on her farm by Black first Land first desperados. Her weathly parents have left the country years ago to Geneva. They were the ones who solicited O.J.


As his investigation progress, the fixer bumps into an Uruguayan illegal who pretend to know where Lucia and her staff are. But instead of driving Axel to their hideout with his 1976 Mercedes, he tases him and knock him off before shipping him to Lucia in his trunk.


Axel is yanked out of the trunk and meet Lucia. The flashy young blond admits that she’s not in danger. On the contrary. She points at 55 wooden box full of gold extracted from a abandoned mine on her farm land. She intends to ship them out of the country in order to secure the pensions of those thousands Afrikaner’s who lost everything.


Axel, furious, is ready to fight his way out but the sudden appearance of armed BFLF militants riding quads send everyone packing…